I grew up in South Africa. My parents loved to travel, through South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. I started using my Dad’s 35 mm to shoot landscapes, flowers, textures and shapes. To me, photography was a great way to collect ideas, color, texture and shape. In the late 70's while studying Fine Arts, I bought a Nikon with a 24 mm lens. Needless to say, I shot hundreds of rolls of film. Working as a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time art directing photographers.

Photography became part of my creative process. I started looking for visual clues to help tell the story or to make the point. My images are an interpretation of the familiar, explored and captured, then represented as though it is seen for the first time. My aim is to return to a moment in time and share with you what I saw, what I experienced and what I felt.  

I strive to create artwork that inspires and communicates. It will tell it's own story, and over time, it will become part of your story. Thanks for visiting my site and looking at my work.

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