Streets of Old Town in Zurich.

We were fortunate to spend the day in the Old Town (Altstadt) of Zurich on our connection to Johannesburg. We booked a walking tour with Veronique from Tours by Locals ( She took us to some of the Old Town’s famous churches. We visited Church of our Lady (Fraumünster). It is also known as Reformierte Kirche Fraumünster, active during the Reformation in Zurich. There are two amazing stained glass windows. One by Marc Chagall, the other by Augusto Giacometti. We saw the arched ceilings painted by Augusto Giacometti in the Police station on Bahnhoff Strasse. 

From there we meandered through Old Town to the Grossmünster church. Zwingli and Bullinger kicked of the Swiss German Reformation in the early 16th century. There is also a stunning Giacometti stained glass window in the Grossmunster. The third church, the WasserKirche was closed. No photography was allowed inside the churches, dang! The only Church where I could take photos inside was the St. Peterskirche. 

We up and down tiny alleys, lots of cobble stones, granite, doors windows and just ancient beauty and architecture.

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